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 Advertise our Clan

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PostSubject: Advertise our Clan   Fri Jul 04, 2008 5:17 am

Just Copy the Note below and post it around Naruto Arena.It will be helpful and the more members we have,the better our site will be.


Clan Description:
That's right Shinobi Warriors.Planning to join a clan today?How about joining us!Our clan is helpful,loyal,friendly and well a good clan!

Clan Requirements:
-Must have been or is a Level 11 Chuunin.
-Unlocked at least 2 characters
-Loyal and Friendly

Clan Benefits:
-A Chatbox
-Naruto Videos
-Music Player (soon)
-Mission Helps...

...and more!

So join Now!PM HyperDem0n and then he will tell the link to our clan forum then log-in.We will PM you the link to our site since we don't want spies.Well ENJOY!
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Advertise our Clan
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